Following are the Questions for your guidance incase your having doubts. After reading the FAQ section, if you still have issues, please don't hesitate to use the contact us form.


1) What are the categories used in the website?

The categories that you see in the website majority are brand names. If you are not familiar with it, you can just click on the ALL PRODUCTS option in the header on top. It will show you all products in one itself.


2) I am not able to find a product, how to search?

On the top left side you will find a search tab, you can type in the airline, or the actual name of the product. And you will be able to view the product. If you see as item not available, it may have been either sold out or out of stock and may get restocked if available.


3) Do you provide Coupon Codes, gift vouchers etc?

Coupon codes or gift vouchers won’t be available frequently, but maybe given if any sale comes up. Once available, it will have a time limit and number of days.


4) What about sale? How frequently it will be live?

Sale entirely depends on product availability or stock clearance. Keep checking regularly. However, waiting for sale is not a good idea, as certain good models will never go on a sale. It will always be fixed priced and available normally until stocks last. Once the item is sold, then it will never come back unless manufacturer has it in stock.


5) I wish to order products in bulk or quantity? What can I do?

You can order bulk quantity as well, either by adding all products in the website, and the system will automatically calculate weight for shipping purposes and will give you a final quote. Incase, the quantity is required in terms of multiple pieces of a single product, or if the item is not available in the website and you require it in quantity, then please do use the contact us option and fill the form, simultaneously you can even leave a message at admin@dbjets.com


6) What are these different scales? What actually it means?

Scale models are a actual replica of the real world product. If you see a scale model of a car, or a airplane, it will be the actual size based on the real dimensions of that particular product. These are not toys. These are adult collectible items and highly detailed. In scale models, imaginary models are also been made though which really never existed.


7) What is defected models section?

These models are basically models which are in broken condition which have been tampered, used or fixed back to its original existence. These models would be priced moderate enough as compared to new products. Coupon code or discounts won’t work for these categories. Models brought through this category won’t be accepted for REFUNDS. Images provided in the item product page which be real and actual.


8) The images seem’s to be too big? How to find out dimensions of the actual product?

Before buying any product, make sure you check the dimensions in the product description which is mentioned clearly at the end of the page. Sometimes images are taken in professional manner that it might make you feel that this product would be big enough let’s say 30 cm in length. But in reality, it might even be just 7 cm in size. Hence be sure to check the dimensions of the product before you place order.  Refund request related to product dimensions will be rejected instantly because description will have proper information for the same.


9) I am not happy with the product. I wish to replace/refund the order. What should I do?

If your not satisfied with the product that you purchase, you can request for a refund for the product. However refund will only be accepted if the product comes back to us in complete proper condition with its box without any damage.

Incase you wish to do a replacement, then you will have to provide specific reason for replacement, if your reason is genuine, you will get the replacement. A replacement would be possible only if the replacement stock is available.


10) I wish to cancel my order? Can I do so?

Once a order is placed, it cannot be cancelled, hence please be sure of your intention to purchase, and then only go ahead to do your payment.


11) My parcel got damaged in shipment? What is the next step?

Usually courier damages don't occur as packing will be done properly, still damages may happen. Chances for such event is extremely low. If you parcel comes damaged to you, firstly check how the outer packing condition is, if its crimped or proper, take pictures of the outer package, then the inner package and then the product of the actual damage. These things are normally required by courier companies to file a dispute against that order. It will help to process the issue much faster. At the end, the decision for a rebate would completely depend on the courier partner. Incase, courier people reject the appeal, still we will try to resolve your issue in all possible ways.


12) What is the exact amount of days for delivery after i do the payment?

Usually courier partner would deliver it to you in next working day post dispatch if your location is in proper city and not remote, else you can expect your product to come in between 3-7 working days. However note, once a order is placed, the good's will be shipped within 48 hours from the time of order placed.

Dear Customers, this is to inform you that DBJETS is currently going under upgradation and migration process to another platform which will take few days. I have not been given a desired timeframe but we are trying our level best to get this done as soon as possible. This will enhance user experience, faster loading, better payment process, shipping process, website background, design etc. So the wait will be fruitful for sure. However please note, PLEASE DON'T PLACE ANY ORDERS IN WEBSITE RIGHT NOW EVEN IF YOU SEE IT LIVE BECAUSE ITS NOT YET READY. Once its live, message will be send to all customers. If you want to place any orders, you can do offline orders, basically back to our previous method of orders for time being. You can place orders in whatsapp by messaging on 7738074740 or can email also at dbjets777@gmail.com Once the website is completely functional, i will personally send you a message. Thankyou for your co-operation and patience.